Cool to be kind

Here is another amazing story about a man by the name of Abbas Jahangiri. Owner of a successful Toronto night club, Abbas himself lives in relative poverty and uses his profits to give to the homeless poor in downtown Toronto.

(Yes, he drives a Hummer to bring food and other supplies around, but as he says, Mother Teresa herself might also have approved if she had been working on a cold, winter night in downtown Toronto.)

Video (originally from CBC)

Comparing Notes on Captivity

Here’s an incredible interview / conversation between Melissa Fung and Ingrid Betancourt. Ms. Betancourt was held hostage for six years by Columbian guerillas, while Ms. Fung (CBC reporter) was held hostage in Afghanistan for close to a month in 2008.

Especially check out about 2/3 into the interview as they compare their prayer lives in the midst of captivity. It’s pretty amazing.