New stuff

Here’s just a quick update:

1. Elaine and Brendan are now engaged! Congrats! (It’s going to be a busy summer next year, with Danny & Becca and Elaine & Brendan.)

2. Due to Fr. Les’s illness, I’ve temporarily been assigned to St. Anne’s parish in the north end of Saskatoon. (For any canon law geeks out there, the technical term is “parochial administrator,” – Can. 540. :-)). It’s a lot of work but the parish has been very welcoming! I’m also still living at Holy Family, since this is a temporary placement.

3. There’s some new music to listen to. This is all a work in progress… the synthesized electric guitars really need to be replaced by the real thing, and the song itself needs a lot of work (like, some melody).

  • Our Song (new)