Jane said I should update, so here is an update.

Yeah, so it’s, um, been a while. I’ve been quite busy these past few months – lent, Easter, retreat, conference, weddings, ordinations, and, of course, recording!

(Oh, and I have a brother who is now engaged. Congratulations, Danny and Becca!)

Yeah, a fair bit has been going on lately. :-)

Here are the recordings that I’ve been working on the past while.

Piano recordings

These recordings were made with my two, homemade, large diaphragm electret condenser microphones. I placed them inside the piano at the church (11′ Petrov), and tried to orient them to they’d get a decent stereo image. The disadvantage to close miking with a piano is that it tends to pick up unwanted artifacts from the strings. But the overall result is pretty pleasing, I think! (please forgive my mistakes…)

  • Hyfrydol
  • Beach Spring
  • Old 100th
  • Recordings made over the Easter holiday

    I went to Lloydminster for a few days during the Easter octave, and David & I recorded a few tracks. They are a work in progress, but one of them is sounding fairly polished. It just needs some singing, I think! I’ve dubbed it “Mirror of Eternity” after a quote from St. Clare… and because in one version of the tune, my niece Claire is in the song. :-)

  • Mirror of Eternity – more polished mix, ready for some vocals!
  • Mirror of Eternity – version with my nieces. (aww)
  • Rockem Sockem Hockey (David & I thought this rock track sounded at home on a Don Cherry video)
  • Quietly – This one needs lyrics and a fair bit of mixing work. However, I am quite pleased with the clarity of the classical guitar, which was recorded with two mics in a stereo configuration.
  • Other

    The CBC used to have a catchy opening tune for their “CFL on CBC” broadcasts back in the late 1980s / early 1990s. Here is my take on the theme. Note the cheesy 80s-ish sounds. :-)

  • CFL on CBC
  • And… that’s all for now! Enjoy!