I suppose I should update this thing every once in a while, eh?

Yeah. There has actually been a fair bit happening of late. I have some photos I could probably put up as well, but I’m lacking a bit in the time department. (See below for details.)

In the past few weeks:
– We had graduation and school year closing Masses / celebrations for various schools. Colby Armstrong (Atlanta Thrashers), an alumni for St. Joseph High School, spoke at the graduation banquet. It was cool.

– As of the beginning of July, I am officially finished my stint at Royal University Hospital, freeing me up a bit more for the parish and schools.

– I was in Prince George the first weekend in July for Adam and Myrica’s wedding. It was a blast! Lots of driving, though.

– Because that much driving wasn’t enough (apparently), I’m leaving tomorrow morning with Andy and Jane for our road trip to California. I will hopefully be checking my email at irregular intervals, if you need to reach me. I will also be able to check messages on my cell phone.

– And the Riders are playing freaking awesome, especially considering the injuries they’ve been having. Wooooo!!!!