David & I are slowly working on some music, as is Stephen. I’ll be posting those when they are in a more usable state.

For now, though, here is a really catchy song that is based on the Our Father in Swahili. It is the opening menu music in Civilization IV, amazingly enough — and the author has released it for public download.

Baba Yetu (Our Father)


New car

Here it is… a 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT. First new car I’ve owned. :-)

2007 Dodge Caliber SXT

It’s got some nifty features, too. In addition to air / tilt / cruise, it has a sun roof, garage door opener, drink cooler, iPod holder, auxiliary audio input jack (no more FM transmitter!), and tons of cargo space, especially if the rear and front passenger seats are folded down. The engine is 2.0L, 4 cylinders, which doesn’t amount to anything special in the power department (it seems to be roughly about the same as the Stratus is), but it’ll get me from point A to B well enough.

And, I just accidentally discovered that the security alarm works :-)


Well… these have been an eventful past few weeks!

– Andy & Jane’s wedding was beautiful and it was an honour to be an official witness (aka best man). Congrats, you two!

– Congrats also to the people whose ordinations I’ve attended recently: Frs. Greg, Venerando, Rectorino, Andrew, Mario, and Irenaeus!

– And, finally – This past Friday, July 13, I was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Saskatoon! I am, uh, rather excited and stuff. :-D It’s actually pretty difficult to put into words… I had my first presided Mass today, after having concelebrated at my ordination and a Mass at Holy Family Parish on Saturday. I’m still absorbing it… and will be for some time I’m sure.

I hope to have some photos soonish of both the wedding and of my ordination.