(Wanna write a paper for me?)

It’s been a busy few weeks… Here is a neat diversion. Apparently I bear some resemblance to Newman (Seinfeld). :-)

Bought my first real six string…

…bought it at the L&M
haven’t played till my fingers bled,
It was the winter of zero-sev’n.

… With apologies to Bryan Adams.

Yeah, so I picked up a fairly cheap but reasonably ok beginner’s guitar today from Long & McQuade. Thanks to Andrew for helping me with this one! I like to periodically branch out into new things, and they often tend to do with music: piano, recording, and now another instrument. So here goes!

Also, I’ve been playing around on the iCompositions.com web site lately. It’s a place for independent musicians/recording types to share their stuff and get tips, etc. Well, there was one guy on there who could sing but couldn’t play any instruments, and he posted that he’d be interested in collaborating on tunes. Then I thought to myself, well, I have a tune from David (About A Time) that needs vocal tracks. Good singer who wants to sing, this song needing a singer… good match, eh? :-)

So, I had some fun working with Ralph via email the past vew days. He came up with a interesting take on David’s song and recorded some vocals with … harmonies! I wouldn’t have thought of that, so it was pretty neat to hear it for the first time.

Here is the track for you: About A Time – K Car Mix

Enjoy – and let me know what you think!

Other than that, I’ve been pretty freaking busy with school work… I wrote something like 42 pages in the past week and a half or so. So, the music has been a nice diversion.


I’m rather excited about this… :-)

With praise and thanksgiving to God,
the Diocese of Saskatoon
together with Gerald and Marceline Millette and Family
joyfully announce that

Darryl John Millette

will be ordained to the Order of Priest
through the laying on of hands and
the invocation of the Holy Spirit by

The Most Reverend Albert LeGatt,
Bishop of Saskatoon

on the thirteenth of July, two thousand and seven,
at seven thirty in the evening
at Holy Spirit Parish
in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Please remember Darryl in your prayers.

… and I have a ton of work to do before then.