Notice: site maintenance

I received a notice from my web host today about a datacenter move they will be undertaking soon which will affect this web site.

I’m not sure if it will also affect the domain for email or not, however. My MX is set to, so hopefully that will still function. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

In any case, the downtime is scheduled for 23:00 (Mountain Time), Saturday, March 3, and will go until 07:00 on Sunday, March 4.

Good news, sad news, music, and tech support

A lot has happened in the past while.

The good: My sister-in-law is pregnant with their 2nd, and he/she is is due to arrive in September! :-)

The sad: As was posted on Jeffery’s blog, Joe Magel, the husband of Barb, our secretary, passed away suddenly on Monday. The prayers were Friday evening, with a number of us doing the music and other ministries, and the funeral was Saturday morning. Please pray for Joe and for the Magel family during this difficult time.

The music: I way playing around with some of the Apple loops that come with Logic Express and came up with this song today. I also mixed in some MIDI stuff I did with my keyboard. Enjoy!
Medieval (MP3)

The tech support:
Enjoy this one. :-)

Edit: Video is working again.


I had the chance to play a real game of hockey today for the first time in almost 2 years. It looks like I’ll be able to play for the rest of the season (about 1 game a week). It’s a team that features people such as Mikedor.

We lost today, unfortunately: 4-1. I did get the goal, though!

And now I am sore. If I’m a little slow tomorrow, you now know why.