It’s amazing how time flies. Oct. 20 (previous post) doesn’t seem all that long ago.

Since then… life has been busy, as per usual:

  • I’m currently fighting off something or other that’s kept me largely out of commission the past couple of days (flu? dunno. < fun, anyway).
  • I’ve also been busy writing papers (again, what else is new? :-) ). My current paper is examining issues to do with tube feeding. Interesting stuff…
  • The Riders lost in the Western Final to the B.C. lions (I will refrain here from making an obvious dig about the Eskimos). Riders 2007!! Wooooooooooo!!!
    Hey, what can I say? Hope springs eternal in Saskatchewan.
  • Andy and Jane have their new wedding site up. I’m very much looking forward to the wedding on June 30, 2007!
  • I’ve just upgraded WordPress (the software that runs D.) to the latest version.
  • And, finally, it doesn’t seem right that I should end a blog entry without some sort of music or video. So, here’s a really nice home recording of a classical piece that was created by one of the regular posters on the Yahoo micbuilders discussion group. Enjoy!