Last week, I went to Alberta to attend several ordinations. Congrats to Frs. Marc (Edmonton), Angelo (Calgary), and Raul (Calgary)! I was also able to be a deacon at the altar for Marc’s ordination and his first Mass, so that was super cool.

While I was there, I picked up my new MacBook. It’s meant to replace both my desktop and laptop computers. I got the 2.0GHz version, since it was the cheapest one to come with a DVD burner. I added some RAM (total 1GB) and also bought the academic version of Logic Express, which is a fairly full-featured, multitrack recording studio application. I also picked up a cheap USB hub and some adapters to make my old keyboard and mouse work with the new machine.

I’m liking it fairly well so far. The operating system, OS X Tiger, is very slick and pretty intuitive. Apple likes to include lots of little animations “because they can”.

In other super-cool news, I assisted at my first wedding today as a deacon. It went pretty smoothly (had a minor mix-up with chairs at the very beginning, but I think few people noticed). It was actually quite a full day, liturgy-wise, as I helped out at a funeral Mass in the morning and then had the wedding in the afternoon. Those are two very opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, to be sure, and yet that is what I find so incredible about being in ministry: that I enter into the midst of the lives of the people of God, to be at their service, especially during those most important moments.

Here are some photos:
1. How the new deacon keeps track of everything that needs to be done at a liturgy: thank you, 3M! (In this case, it’s a note telling me where the couple should be at that moment of the liturgy.)
2. The new MacBook. The case is actually white, but the room lighting was doing fun things to my camera’s sensors.
3. The MacBook, hooked up to my monitor and keyboard as though it were a desktop machine. I’ll probably get (or make) a little stand so it’ll fit under the monitor and save some desk space.
4. The MacBook has a nifty feature where the desktop can be expanded to cover 2 screens. I haven’t really used it much, however, since the external monitor is much higher up than the MacBook.
5. The MacBook’s remote control. It can be used for music, DVDs, browsing photos, and viewing videos I have saved to my hard drive. I like the little zoom-out effect that happens with the desktop when I press the “Menu” button. :-)

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

New theme

As I was upgrading WordPress tonight to fix some security issues, I decided it was also time to update the look of the site. So, I’ve installed a slightly tweaked version of a theme called “Serinity” (no, that’s not a typo). What do you think? I like the top graphic… it seems very Saskatchewan-like. I finally updated my “About Me” page, too!

Update: This is just too cool! Someone did a live re-enactment of the original Super Mario Brothers game!