Moved in (sorta)

I’ve now moved in… sorta. I need to keep trying to find my floor (ie. unpacking). My 2 weeks off were very nice as well. I was in Regina for a bit, staying at Chad’s place. It had been a couple of years, so it was really nice to be there for a bit. And their toddler really likes gadgets and really moves quick.

I then went home for the rest of the break. It was good. And now I’m back at the seminary in Edmonton.

Oh – I’ve just upgraded to the latest WordPress (1.5.2), so if you notice any problems, let me know.

Leaving Macklin

This is just a quick note: I’m leaving Macklin this afternoon :-(. After dropping my stuff off at Elaine’s, I’ll be heading on to Regina for the weekend. After that, I’ll be back in Nipawin for a couple of weeks and I’m moving back to Edmonton on the 27th. I probably won’t be updating this much during that time, if at all.



For the record, the people of Macklin/Denzil/St. Donatus/Luseland have been very, very good to me this year. So it’s with mixed feelings that I pack to leave. My room is a mess right now. Elaine already has 4 boxes of my books, plus my hockey equipment and roller blades. I have more books, files, technology, clothes, and other odds and ends to pack up. I’m trying to find my floor at the moment…

I’m beginning to wonder if I was hit with a power surge or just have had some bad luck. My old workhorse CD burner (an HP 8250i) has died as well. It would randomly stop ejecting the tray and an amber or red warning/error light would come on. A drive that doesn’t eject is rather useless, unfortunately. It is about 5 or 6 years old, though, so I suppose I got a fair bit of good use out of it. I’m thinking that I’ll probably order a new DVD burner from when I get to Edmonton. They can be had for about $60 on special.

Also: I really want Matt Maher’s The End and the Beginning and the musical notation for some of his original songs. Elaine lent me her CD — it’s great music!

New motherboard and case installed!

Yay! I’m typing this from my new motherboard and case. It seems to be stable this time around. However, the case outlet fan is very loud and I think I’ll end up replacing it and/or throttling it down.

Also, the CPU temperature is a little higher than it was before. When I first installed the CPU (an Athlon XP 2000+), the heatsink had this phase-change sludge on it and it was able to cool the chip to the low 40s degrees Celcius. I had to remove the phase-change stuff because it can only be used once, and I replaced it with some thermal conductive paste. Now the CPU runs at just over 50 degrees Celcius. I do notice that if the cover of the case is off, the CPU cools down by a few degrees, so there may be a slight airflow issue. I might replace the ribbon IDE cables with round ones so the air moves better.

Oh, BTW: if you are trying to hook up a case fan, DON’T confuse the black and yellow leads! I, uh, let the magic smoke out of one fan this afternoon.

Busy weekend

Lorne and Carolline Stang
Bones for the Bunnock Championship
Whew. Busy (but very good) weekend.

On Friday we had the wedding of Lorne and Carolline, who were on the CCO Impact 2004 mission in Halifax. It was a very nice wedding and it turned out to be a mini CCO reunion, right here in Macklin, SK.

Then, later this weekend we had the 13th Annual World Bunnock Championship. Immediately following the wedding on Friday, Fr. David, myself, 2 of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth, and one of the girls from the high school dressed up in old vestments / habits for the church’s float. I was in a cassock, surplice, and an old, black dalmatic. Even though deacons typically don’t wear a beretta, I put one on because it was freaking hot out. We cooked, but the float was fun. Throwing candy (and using a slingshot to shoot it further) was fun, too.

Saturday, we started the actual bunnock tournament. It is somewhat difficult to describe the game — it involves throwing horse anklebones to knock down bones arranged in a row on the ground. It’s a team game, with four players per team. The nice thing about the game is that you can have all ages and athletic abilities playing, making it great for families. I’m definitely going to have to try to make it back next summer!

I took some photos during the tournament. Check them out here.