RMA arrives; Off to Eston; 100000 km!

The motherboard I returned to NCIX has arrived. Here’s hoping I get the replacement soon!

I’m off to Eston in about an hour. One of the priests of the diocese, Fr. Ted Bezaire, died last Friday and we’re off to the funeral. I’ll be back later on Wednesday.

100000 km!My car reached 100000 km a couple of days ago!

Computer Problems 2.0.1

This is a bugfix update to the Computer Problems version 2.0.

I received the new motherboard (an ASUS A7S8X-MX microATX board) and the case (also an ASUS case) last week. I got it all connected to my other stuff (drives, sound card, video card, processor) and after buying some thermal conductive paste in Lloydminster for the CPU, I thought I was all set to go.

Alas, I’ve run into problems.

The board seems to overheat and crashes within several minutes of being turned on. I’ve been monitoring the CPU and power supply temperatures in the BIOS while this happens. The board has crashed even when the CPU was only into the high 30s degrees Celcius. If I turn the system back on after being off for a short time, it crashes more quickly. This leads me to believe that it’s a heat-related problem — if I let everything cool down for a while, it doesn’t crash as quickly.

This happens even though I’ve disconnected everything but the power supply, CPU, memory module, and a monitor and keyboard. I have two RAM modules and have tried each one separately. I’ve also tried both the power supply that came with the case and my own 350 watt Enermax supply. I get the same behaviour each time.

So, I’ve submitted a support/RMA request to NCIX.com. Hopefully, I’ll get a response soon. I want my computer to be working again. :-)

Update: NCIX has given me an RMA number. I can now return the board and they’ll send me a new one — and they pay the shipping both ways.

Pilgrimage is cancelled

This is just a quick note; I’ll write more later. Last night a hail storm caused major damage at the Holy Rosary shrine and church near Reward. As a result, the pilgrimage this weekend has been cancelled.

The place is a real mess… windows are all smashed on the West side, trees are stripped, statues are wrecked (amazingly, except for the one standing out in the open in the grotto!).

Check out the photos: http://www.darryldot.org/reward

If you would like any of the high-res versions of these photos sent to you, please send me a email. The photos each have a number just above the photo (eg. 100_0635), so if you send which number(s) you’d like, I can quickly send the larger version from my camera out to you.

Computer Problems 2.0

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress to correct another security issue. It is a bit of a pain having to do these upgrades… but I’ll take that any day over the crazy spam problems I had with Movable Type!

Unfortunately, I am making this entry from my laptop. My computer froze hard three times over the course of a few hours. Each time, the /var/log/messages file contained some information about the second IDE port failing. When I rebooted, the CD-ROM drives (which are on the second IDE port) weren’t found by the BIOS.

When I take this along with the previous problems of the PS/2, USB, and LAN ports that randomly quit, I think it’s time for a new mainboard.

Socket A mainboards in the larger ATX size seem to be slightly out of date and weren’t as available as mainboards in the smaller, microATX form factor. I’ve also wanted USB ports on the front of the computer for some time, since it can be a pain to dig around behind the machine to plug in things like my digital camera. So, I elected to order both a microATX minitower case and a corresponding mainboard from NCIX.com. Hopefully they’ll arrive soon so I can get back to using my main machine!


David and Rocky at the danceCongrats, David & Roxanne! Their wedding was on Saturday, July 2. I was in Nipawin for a few days beforehand, and then we left for Saskatoon on Friday. The wedding was at St. Patrick’s on the west end of the city. It was fun and an honour to be an acolyte at the Mass (except for the part where I almost got married… Fr. Marc accidentally said “Darryl” at one point instead of “David”, and then realized his mistake!).

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