Random photos

Every parish should have at least 3 photocopiers.

Presenting... the 2005 Macklin Graduates!

Jewel - she runs St. Mary's Parish

1. Every parish should have at least three photocopiers. (The one on the left is new, and the other two older copiers have since gone to their eternal reward.)

2. Congratulations to the 2005 Macklin Graduates! We had a fun celebration on Friday, June 24… and maybe a bit into the morning of June 25. :-)

3. This is Jewel, Fr. D’s Quaker parrot. She’s definitely the boss around here…


Rev. Mr. Marc Cramer - newly ordainedCongrats, Marc, on your ordination to the deaconate!

I was in Edmonton on Sunday for the ordination. It was fun… though tiring. 4 hours of driving and late games of Star Wars Monopoly will do that to you…

Then, on Monday, Souk received the ministries of lector and acolyte. That was fun, too – and I got to play music for it. Mikedor called me over about 10 minutes before the Mass was to start and… we sorta winged it. It worked out ok.

Gary wanted photos from our supper at Kelsey’s just before the ordination. So, Gary, here you go. It’s a nice photo, eh? :-)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many of the ordination since I was running a nice video camera with a very shaky tripod. It wasn’t my best work, by *far*.

Anyway. It’s bed time. Keep your stick on the ice!
Rev. Mr. Gary Lee


Cameras make me popular.  :-)There’s nothing quite like a camera to make yourself the most popular guy in the room!

Not that being popular was the goal, mind you. Celebration was the goal. Friday was Fr. David’s 10th anniversary celebration of his ordination to the priesthood. We had a Mass with all of the pomp and ceremony we could muster (including a couple of pieces of music sung by two very talented friends of Fr. D). I found it pretty amazing that we’d get 700+ people out to Mass on a Friday night — it was super cool. Then, we headed to the community hall for a social evening. Fun fun!

Lay Formation Year II's - the graduating classOn Sunday I headed into Saskatoon to participate in the final Mass & reception for the Lay Formation graduation / commissioning. Again, it was a great celebration and all the stops were pulled out for the Mass, which was presided by the bishop. The music was phenomenal, also. They used a Mass setting by Michael Joncas and augmented the large choir with horns, a flute, a violin, grand piano, and the organ. Quite nice.

On another note, my computer seems to be running good now that I’ve unplugged my MIDI cable when I boot. I have no idea why that would cause problems, but removing the cable seems to have done the trick. Any ideas? I have a Sound Blaster Live! Value 5.1 sound card… and I am stumped as to how a MIDI cable would do anything to the USB and PS/2 ports. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Finally, I did a presentation in Kindersley yesterday on the Eucharist in early Christianity. I also got to eat at Lamont‘s place and afterwards he gave me his colour Palm m505! Thanks Lamont! I managed to get my addresses and date book transferred from my older Palm IIIxe. I also discovered that there was an OS upgrade to PalmOS 4.1 available. Unfortunately, I had to boot into Windows (ewww :-) and install the Palm Desktop software to do the upgrade. But now, it seems to be working well, and kpilot even synchronizes properly! Woo hoo! It has conduits that let me move the data to and from the *great* Kontact scheduler / email client / address book / RSS reader / etc. software for KDE.