Computer Problems

I think that the mainboard in my desktop computer is starting to die. Yesterday, the PS/2 ports for the mouse and keyboard were causing problems and responding intermittently. Then all four USB ports stopped working. A couple of months ago, the onboard LAN stopped working for a few days as well. These problems were not limited to the operating system, either. The network problems were present in Windows and Linux, and one of my USB devices was unable to get any power from the ports. So, yeah, something is up. Fortunately, I have my Thinkpad to work on if this computer craps out completely (it is working again… for now).

Time for a mainboard upgrade… or maybe something a bit different?

KDE 3.4 and Ubi Caritas

I found a fixed Kopete package on a nifty SUSE hobbiest’s site. However, it was for KDE 3.4 and I was using 3.3.2a. So, I decided to do some updating on my computer. The YaST tool in SUSE handled it very well, actually. I added a couple of ftp sources to the list, fixed a couple of minor dependency issues, and then it went to town. About 30 minutes and 400+ megabytes later, I had the newest KDE installed! It’s pretty nice. I don’t notice too many differences from before, although the new RSS reader, akregator, is nifty. Now I can keep track of everyone’s blogs without having to check their sites manually!

And, best of all, the new Kopete works! It’s so much better than Gaim. :-)

On a completely different note, the CD and music (SATB + instrumental) for Bob Hurd‘s Ubi Caritas Mass came in yesterday. It’s a nice, mostly choral Mass setting and collection of liturgical songs. I especially like the Gloria. It has a catchy Latin refrain and chanted English verses. We also used the intercession prayer setting here for a solemn vespers back in December; it’s also very nice and again splits Latin and English. And so on… it’s a very well recorded CD and some great liturgical music. I’m quite happy with it, anyway. Maybe we’ll be able to use some of it at the seminary?

Wedding was fun

Patrick and Corinne
Hi y’all! Patrick and Corinne’s wedding was cool. It was a lot of fun playing music at the Mass – it’s always nice to have several guitars + drums + violin + viola to back you up. I may have to investigate getting some music by Matt Maher. We used a couple of his songs and one in particular (“Love Has Come”) is very catchy and has great lyrics. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very many photos. I was playing music during the signing of the register and didn’t snap too many photos during the supper. This grainy one was the best one…

I also have Gaim installed, to hold me over until I can upgrade to KDE 3.4.1 (when it comes out). I’m still using 3.3.2a, so it will be nice to try a new version.

In Edmonton; MSN Broken

I’m in Edmonton at the moment. I’ll be playing keyboard at Patrick’s wedding on Saturday. If you wish to reach me, please send me an email. I don’t have a direct phone line to reach me with, unfortunately, though I can call out.

Also, it seems that MSN has decided to change the way their login works for MSN Messenger. This has caused some problems for Kopete users like myself – I can’t log in. I’m attempting to get Gaim installed at the moment.