Wireless network is operational

Woo hoo! This message is being posted from my laptop, downstairs at the convent. Best of all, there are no wires connecting the laptop to anything! By using the CVS version of the zd1211 driver available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/zd1211, my cheap ONeXQ UR-055g 802.11g USB wireless adapter is working.

It’s still a bit difficult getting it to work properly, though. I haven’t figured out how to get it to resolve an address via DHCP, so I had to give it one manually with ifconfig. I then had to use the route command to set up the default gateway. It’s a beta driver, though the developers have done some great work in cleaning up the code from the original Zydas reference driver. That code looked like it was modified from a driver for a different chip but the job wasn’t quite finished.

Anyway, success!

To Edmonton and back

I just got back from a couple of days at the seminary in Edmonton. Before that, we had a funeral in Macklin, which meant that it got pretty busy for a few days (I presided at the vigil, and a priest came in for the funeral Mass). So, it was good to get away for a bit and to have spiritual direction. Some of the seminarians were wondering what the heck I was doing, though – most of them leave the seminary to go on holidays, and here I was, coming back! Oh well.

Tomorrow, I’m helping out with the Macklin confirmation retreat. I think there are between 30 and 40 grade 6ers for confirmation this year, which is a pretty amazing number for a town of about 1300. I’m giving two sessions and one shorter talk, so I’d better get to bed. Have a good day and keep your stick on the ice!

DarrylDot.org has been updated!

So far, I’m liking WordPress. It’s a pretty slick and easy to use content management system. I may have found one bug though: I couldn’t figure out how to change the category of my About Me page, so for now it’s in a generic “Everything Else” category.

So… what do y’all think of the theme? I may change the top graphic. It’s been edited from the default SUSE Linux background wallpaper, but I think it makes my site look a little too Windows XP-ish. Eeeeewwwww……. ;)

Oh yeah – the first time you post something, you’ll need to wait until I approve the post. So don’t despair and stuff if your post doesn’t show up right away.

Added 2005-02-21 @ 20:27:33: I’ve just added a simple favicon.ico! If your web browser supports it (Firefox, Konqueror, Safari, Opera, and others), you should see a small “d.” icon in your address bar.
Added 2005-02-22 @ 00:20:10: You should now be able to log in and post comments. I will probably have to approve your first comment before everyone else can see it.

DarrylDot.org is being updated!

And there was much rejoicing. Yeah, I let this sit for way too long. I am now using WordPress to run the web site. It was able to import my previous stuff, and it seems to be much more secure for the comments section.

This page will be going through several updates in the near future as I get it set up the way I want. Please bear with me.