The Moon

Thirty-five years ago yesterday, human beings first set foot on the moon. I was doing some surfing about the moon landing and came across some words of Eugene Cernan, an astronaut with the Apollo 10 mission that orbited the moon and the Apollo 17 moon landing mission (the last Apollo mission to the moon).

He had these words to say regarding his experiences of Apollo 10, where he was further away from Earth than anyone had been up to that time.

“Looking back at Earth, I saw only a distant blue-and-white star. There were oceans down there, deep and wide, but I could see completely across them now and they seemed so small. However deep, however wide, the sea has a shore and a bottom. Out where I was dashing through space, I was wrapped in infinity. Even the word “infinity” lost meaning, because I couldn’t measure it, and without sunsets and sunrises, time meant nothing more than performing some checklist function at a specific point in the mission. Beyond that star over there, Alpheratz, is another and another. And over there, beyond Nunki, the same thing. Behind Formalhaut, even more stars, stretching beyong my imagination. Stars and eternal distant blackness everywhere. There is no end.

“I’m not an overly religious person, but I certainly am a believer, and when I looked around, I saw beauty, not emptiness. No one in their right mind can see such a sight and deny the spirituality of the experience, nor the existence of a Supreme Being, whether their God be Buddha or Jesus Christ or Whoever. The name is less important than the acceptance of a Creator. Someone, some being, some power placed our little world, our sun, and our moon where they are in the dark void, and the scheme defies any attempt at logic. It is just too perfect and beautiful to have happened by accident. I can’t tell you how or why it exists in this special way, only that it does, and I know that for certain because I have been out there and I have seen the endlessness of space and time with my own eyes.”

Pretty neat.

Why do idiots have to mess things up?

Well, it appears that on Thursday and Friday someone spammed this site with over 100 spam comments. Many of these were links to porn sites. *sigh* Why do idiots have to mess things up like this? I’m currently looking into a few things that will hopefully stop this from happening again.

Update: I have just finished installing MT-Blacklist. It’s a plugin that scans comments for common links to spam sites. Here’s hoping that it works…