Spirituality of an ambassador of Christ

My spiritual reading right now is Dear Seminarian by Catherine de Hueck Doherty, the founder of the Madonna House apostolate. Here’s some food for thought that is, I think, applicable to anyone in ministry (read: the baptized).

“We Catholics must shed our siege mentality. We must realize that to be on the defensive is pitiful. With the fullness of truth that is ours, we can be, and must be, on the offensive.”

And on a different note, Andy said I should put some Linux into this blog so I’ll ask the question: What similarities can be drawn between the open source development model and the Church since the Vatican II council?

My room is semi-clean!

Wow. I need to vacuum but my room is actually fairly organized at the moment. And that is totally unrelated to the fact that my vocations director was here this week (Hi Fr. Hans!). I’m also trying out some financial software for Linux. KMyMoney2 is a KDE program for balancing chequebooks. It’s only at version 0.6rc1, but it is fairly stable and does just about everything I need it to do. The only thing that would be handy (and it’s being worked on for a future release) is the ability to create recurring, automatic transactions. Yeah, yeah, for you Gnomers out there :-), I had contemplated GnuCash, but I would have been required to install pretty much all of Gnome to get it running.

(If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “Huh?!”, don’t worry. The Gnome – KDE thing is a Linux debate that’s as old as the dawn of time. Or the late-1990’s. One of the two. :-)

Oooh… I also got SuperKaramba running with some cool applets on my desktop. Check out this screenshot (click to enlarge):

The top-right button bar is in the style of the nifty Apple Mac OS X. It doesn’t work quite as smoothly, though. The weather applet is great and gives a 5 day forecast by downloading the latest data from weather.com.

Anyway. That’s enough stuff for today. TTYL!

Retreat is done but love unfailing dwells ever here…

(If you are wondering what this title is referring to, check out #661 in the CBWIII. That’s the best I could come up with. It’s late.)

Anyway. :-)

Yup, the second semester retreat here at the sem. was this weekend. Archbishop Goulet from St. Boniface, Manitoba gave us a lot of food for thought. Personally, the most memorable line came in the first conference — it went something like this: We cannot expect to do the work of Christ if we ourselves do not know him. Read the Gospels and there you will come to know better who he is.

I’m probably not quoting it right, but that, I hope, was kinda the gist of it.

On a more serious note, new bios for the Life Teen core team were just put up on www.lifeteen.ws. I am now officially known as Darryl “the yellow dart” Millette! And, yes, the Protoss are a scourge that need to be taken out.

Time for bed…

Back in Edmonton

Hello once again! I am now back in Edmonton and have started a new semester here. My Christmas & New Year was great – I was in Saskatoon for a few days helping to get CCO’s Soul Snack website up and running after an outage. I then went back to Nipawin for a few days… I spent Christmas there, played some hockey on our rink, and played a whole lot of Clue. Then, on the 27th I headed back to Saskatoon to get ready for the amazing CCO Rise Up conference. It was a great time where over 300 university-aged people from across Canada (and a few from elsewhere) came together at the Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon to hear motivating talks, praise the Lord in song, have daily Mass, attend workshops, pray at the University of Saskatchewan campus, experience a wonderful celebration of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God at a packed St. Paul’s Cathedral, and go through the past 15 years of CCO at a great banquet. I also was able to help with the liturgies (serving, etc.) and they even let me play with the sound board… switches and thingys :-). So, I didn’t get much sleep and was pretty busy but it was a good sort of busy.

Now I am back. This semester, I’m studying: theological anthropology, moral theology, early Church history, intro. to the Old Testament, and Christianity & world religions. Should be fun! Oh, and I’m also helping out at the Holy Family Parish Life Teen in St. Albert.

Gotta run… ttyl!

Update: Check Out Ben Boyer’s photos of the Rise Up conference!