Big time changes

Hello everyone (or whoever actually reads this)!

In the past month, I have:

– completed my time at St. Anne’s and Holy Family in Saskatoon,
– moved to Watson as pastor there (plus Englefeld and St. Gregor),
– got a new Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy named Chloe (!!), and
– as a result of the above, built a fence with some great help from David and a couple of parishioners.

I was originally planning to get a dog in the fall, allowing for more time to build a fence and move in and unpack. Then Fr. David texted me on the day that I moved in, saying that the same breeder that Neulla came from had one more Wheaten puppy available. Would I be able to come into Saskatoon on Monday to look at the puppy?

Well, the thing about “looking at the puppy” is that one never merely looks at the puppy. Invariably, puppy has a new home. Even though most of my home was still in boxes. Her name is Chloe, which was one of the top-ten most common baby girl names in Ireland a couple of years ago… and I needed an Irish name for an Irish dog.

Aside: I was originally thinking of getting a male Wheaten, who I would then name Wil(ly). Get it? How about now? :-)

The parishes are going along fairly well. It’s summer, so there isn’t a whole lot going on, and this has been nice for allowing me to settle in. I do have two funerals this week, though, which makes it a bit busier for me. Next week I will start some holidays with a trip to Regina to take in the Roughrider game. Then it’s off to Nipawin for my 15 year high school reunion and a little event known as Elaine and Brendan’s wedding. Since I’m preaching, does anyone have any good stories that may have a theological application? :-)

Oh, and finally: I updated the blog software to WordPress 3.0.1. If you notice any problems, please let me know.

Photos of the new place and puppy.

– Darryl

Eventful weeks

Whew! The past few weeks have been eventful:

1. We have a new bishop in Saskatoon. Welcome, Bishop Donald Bolen! It was a great celebration on March 25 at St. Patrick in Saskatoon. A few days later we celebrated the annual Chrism Mass at the same church.

2. I presided at the Triduum celebrations at St. Anne, culminating with the Easter Vigil. The font in the church is nice and large (and heated), allowing me to go in and do full immersions for the baptisms. It was very much a thrill to be able to baptize, confirm, and give first communion to 5 people (plus baptize a child, and confirm another adult)!

3. As complicated as the ordination, Passion Sunday, Chrism Mass, and Triduum celebrations were, they have nothing on the intensity of presiding at a family wedding on April 10 in Barry’s Bay, Ontario. Congratulations, Danny and Becca!

4 & 5. I was also able to be present (and godfather) at Spencer Korvemaker’s baptism in Ottawa. (Go Riders!)

New stuff

Here’s just a quick update:

1. Elaine and Brendan are now engaged! Congrats! (It’s going to be a busy summer next year, with Danny & Becca and Elaine & Brendan.)

2. Due to Fr. Les’s illness, I’ve temporarily been assigned to St. Anne’s parish in the north end of Saskatoon. (For any canon law geeks out there, the technical term is “parochial administrator,” – Can. 540. :-)). It’s a lot of work but the parish has been very welcoming! I’m also still living at Holy Family, since this is a temporary placement.

3. There’s some new music to listen to. This is all a work in progress… the synthesized electric guitars really need to be replaced by the real thing, and the song itself needs a lot of work (like, some melody).

  • Our Song (new)
  • Nuts.

    This was on the Vatican Information Service this morning:


    VATICAN CITY, 3 JUL 2009 (VIS) – The Holy Father:

    – Appointed Bishop Albert LeGatt of Saskatoon, Canada, as metropolitan archbishop of Saint-Boniface (area 38,000, population 436,000, Catholics 119,000, priests 115, permanent deacons 18, religious 356), Canada. The archbishop-elect was born in Melfort, Canada in 1953 he was ordained a priest in 1983 and consecrated a bishop in 2001. He succeeds Archbishop Emilius Goulet P.S.S., whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same archdiocese the Holy Father accepted, upon having reached the age limit.

    Nuts. Bishop Albert, we’ll miss you here… :-(

    The formal CCCB news release is here:,eng/